It’s true that getting into shape is easier said than done. As you can see, the fat loss world is comparable to a minefield. You never know which bombs could bring good news and which are just pure marketing gimmicks. Along with the pretty claims, there are actually fat loss programs that work to the majority of people, and Fat Loss 4 Idiots is one of them. Does this program grant what it promises or just another crap in the fat loss world? Continue reading as this article uncovers the truth from the bold claims. As you know, nowadays, it’s hard to find decent reviews as most people trade honesty from easy money. This writing is different though as we’ll review both the positive and the negative sides of the system.

Overview of the System

Gilbert Rafael Fuentes is the creator of Fat Loss 4 Idiots and according to him, people use to struggle in losing weight because they have no idea what to eat or the number of calorie and nutrients that should be ingested every day. He also claims that starving yourself could not actually bring good results, but would store fats rather than burning it. Therefore, in his system, he recommends that people should eat more than 3 times a day.

In a portion seen in Fat Loss 4 Idiots, Gilbert explains that the human body is comparable to an engine that only requires foods at certain times of the day. Hence, if you fail to eat the right foods at these certain times, the calories will not be digested but would be stored as fats. For those who are afraid of diet when trying to lose weight, Gilbert stated that the real enemy is not the diet but the wrong types of food.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots therefore involves eating foods of different calories. According to the author, this is done to confuse your body from burning calories and burn the excess fats instead. The system is designed to run over for 11 consecutive days. You’re required to stop for 3 days and eat any type of food you want to eat before you go back to the 11-day routine. In addition, the meals stated in the program should be eaten 4 times a day with 2 ½ hours interval.

The Positive Side:

The number one benefit this system brings is that you can have an effective diet without actually starving yourself. The steps are easy to follow and the meals involved whole foods, not the processed ones. There are also veggies and fruits to suit everybody’s dietary requirements. Once subscribed in the system, you can get an access to an online meal generator where you can choose from your favorite foods as you wish. Yet, what’s rare in this diet plan is that you are allowed to have at least one glass of wine a day. On the other hand, the exercises are simple brisk walks.


The Negative Side:

As far as science is concerned, Fat Loss 4 Idiots was said to be guilty of dubious marketing claims. They stated that it is possible to lose 9lbs in 11 days. Yet, according to study, this is just temporary as the large portion of the lost weight is water not fats. If this is true then, an individual can lose a total of 58lbs.

Since there are no studies backing up the system, there is a huge possibility that this system is not for permanent. Moreover, the structure of the plan could be confusing to some. It does not involve more of exercise, which is a natural method of losing weight. Logically, if you look at the bright side, exercise can also help in burning calories. Therefore, if you exercise, you can eat more.

To sum this up, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is fairly an efficient system based on testimonials and reviews from legit sites like Clickbank. Although there are folks who’ve tried the system and succeed with it, there are some who find this approach complicated. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to fat loss, sorry but this is not the ideal system you should have. As mentioned, this only brings temporary solution as you can get back to the old days after several months or as long as you stop following the system.

Therefore, if you are serious with your goal, you should have a backup system that involves workouts and exercises and not just pure diet. Overall, Fat Loss 4 Idiots could still bring subtle results once done properly. Yet, you must be equipped with willingness and dedication in achieving your goal. Yes, there is a science of fat loss, but it wouldn’t bring changes if not practiced. If you are watching “The Biggest Loser” on NBC, you might be inspired with the hard work and perseverance. In fact, they’ve been doing pure workout and no fat loss system is being followed.

Don’t just believe in any word of mouth or in the buzz on the internet today. You’ll have to do your own research and consultation. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is worth trying though. Cheers to your success!